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Olivehurst Fire Department

It is the goal of the Olivehurst Public Utility District Fire Department to provide the most professionally trained and equipped personnel so that they may rise to any emergency with the ability to provide for public health and safety, and minimize property damage. It is our purpose to maintaining a steadfast and daily commitment to protecting the lives and property of the people of Olivehurst from fires, hazardous materials incidents, and natural disasters; providing the highest quality of pre-hospital care; and promoting community involvement in fire prevention and disaster preparedness.

To find out more about the Olivehurst Public Utility Fire Department, we invite you to explore our website.

The department is located at 1962 9th Avenue Olivehurst, California 95961 and can be reached by phone as well:

Department Phone: 530-743-7117
Department Fax: 530-743-8194


  • Fire
  • Smoke or Fumes
  • Odor of Gas
  • Medical Emergency 


The Olivehurst Public Utility District Fire Department was established in 1948, as an all-volunteer fire department.  The Department got its first full time staff members in the 1980's.  Chief B.E. "Red" Skinner was appointed as full time Chief along with a full time Captain (Calvin Sanford).  In the Mid-90's through 2003, a few more full time positions were opened up making the Olivehurst Public Utility District Fire Department a combination department.  With this addition of more full-time staff, in 2003 the Department was able to also transition to 24/7 full-time coverage.  Those additional positions were at the rank of Captain, (Wade Harrison, Curtis Mills, Eric Miller, & Randy York), at that time they worked a 24/72 scheduale (A, B, C, D).   In July 2019, the Department transitioned from one to two on-duty, full-time personnel for the first time in Olivehurst Public Utility District Fire Department's history with three additional full-time positions.  The Department now currently has nine full-time positions and three part-time positions.  The Chief works Monday through Friday from 0700-1600.  The Captains and firefighters work on a rotating 48/96 schedule (A, B, C) with shift change at 0800.

Our Department has played a role in many major events in local history. We aided in the flood of 1986 and 1997, the 49er Fire in 1988, and the shooting at Lindhurst High School in 1992. In 2005, two Captains went to Louisiana to aid with Hurricane Katrina. In 2018, the Olivehurst Fire Department provided aid for the Camp Fire, Woolsey Fire, Carr Fire, and Mendocino-Complex Fire.  In 2021 we provided aid for the Dixie Fire (Largest single fire in California State history) and the Caldor Fire (15th largest fire in state history)