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Burn Permit

Residential burning is the most common burning activity in Yuba County. Residents most commonly burn vegetation from yard clean-up. With the County’s growing population the Air District and the Fire Departments are receiving an increasing number of air pollution and fire complaints. Many of these complaints are about burning illegal materials, burning on a no-burn day, and burning that causes a nuisance to neighbors.

Daily burn day information is available by calling the Feather River Air District’s Burn Day Information System at 530-741-6299.

In Olivehurst, you will need to purchase a residential burn permit for $10.00.  The permits are valid for one year from the date of purchase and you can purchase the permits from the Olivehurst Fire Department at 530-743-7117. The Department is located at 1962 9th Avenue, Olivehurst.   

In Plumas Lake, you will need to contact the Linda Fire Department Station 3 at 530-743-5550 for burn information.  

The only materials that can be burned legally include: dry tree, brush trimmings, dry leaves, pine needles, dry plants and dry weeds.

Burning household garbage, plastics, fiberglass, rubber products, waste oil or treated wood (such as painted wood, dimensioned lumber and plywood) is strictly prohibited.

These materials can produce poisonous, toxic gases when burned.

Be considerate of your neighbors by only burning dry materials, and burning on a permitted burn day during burn hours. As an alternative to burning, consider composting your vegetative material. Composting will "spare the air" and improve your garden.