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Fire Prevention and Weed Abatement

May contain: person, human, and outdoors

The goal of the Fire Department weed abatement program is to reduce the number and size of vegetation fires in areas protected by the Olivehurst Fire Department. Vegetation reduction will be performed to meet this goal, tempered by the economic burden placed on property owners by these requirements. Fire Department budget limitations also dictate the extent to which weeds are abated.

The Olivehurst Fire Department is charged with the enforcement of Section 13879 and Section 14875, et seq., of the California Health and Safety Code.

As a result, every year the Olivehurst Fire Department conducts a fire inspection of all properties district wide. This inspection is an effort to reduce the fire hazards that exist within the district.

The parcels deemed a hazard are sent notification advising the property owners of the hazard and the need to abate them. Please review the requirements found below for the rules regarding the abatement of hazards on your properties.

Weed Abatement Rules:

May contain: vegetation, plant, path, bush, grass, woodland, tree, forest, nature, outdoors, land, wilderness, trail, grove, and walkway
  • Grasses and related woody materials pose a greater- fire hazard when standing than when cut and allowed to lie flat.
  • Abatement may be required on vacant lots and/or lots occupied by buildings.
  • Occasionally grass fires occur on lots subject to weed reduction; however, it is not the intent of the program to remove all vegetation from the lot.
  • Weed abatement is not intended to be a blight mitigation or district beautification program.
  • Vegetation subject to abatement shall be reduced in one of the following ways:Cutting, flailing, or chopping, with the resulting material not remaining higher than 4 inches above the soil.Disking, with at least 50 percent of the material turned under the soil.Use of livestock

Specific Requirements:

A. Standards for Improved Parcels:

  1. Weeds on improved parcels one-half acre or smaller (22,000 square feet) in size shall be mowed and/or cleared entirely.
  2. Weeds on improved parcels larger- than one-half acre (22,000 square feet) require fire breaks of 100 feet from any structure and 50 feet along the perimeter, if adjacent to improved property.

B. Standards for Unimproved Parcels:

  1. Weeds on unimproved parcels 1 acre or smaller (44,000 square feet) shall be abated on the entire lot.
  2. Weeds on unimproved, non-agricultural parcels larger than 1 acre (44,000 square feet) require fire breaks of 50 feet from all property lines.
  3. Where open agricultural land abuts buildings, combustible fences, or other combustible improvements, there shall be fire breaks of 50 feet wide adjacent to the improvements.

It is the goal of the Olivehurst Fire Department to create a fire safe environment for the businesses and families that reside within the district boundaries. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Olivehurst Fire Department at 530-743-7117.