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Olivehurst Community Park, Powerline Road

Olivehurst Community Park is a well established park with lots of mature trees for shade. We have ballfields that can be used whenever you would like for your family throwing the ball around, or a pickup game with your neighbors.  This park has lots of green space so you your kids can run and play.  We have a handball wall and 2 basketball hoops.  We also have play structures, a drinking fountain, picnic tables, benches, a tennis court, and a swimming pool. 

This park is in the heart of the Olivehurst Community (9th Avenue and Powerline to 10th Avenue) and is geared for your family and community to come together and celebrate our lives through play.

You do not need to reserve this park, However, if you are interested in having functions in the park, keep in mind that if your events include use of bounce houses, stages, power equipment, etc., you must get a Park Use Permit or Special Event Permit (see below)

OPUD Park Use Application-Permit 5-2012 & YC Ord 1498 Ord Code Title VIII Chapter 8.76.pdfOPUD Special Events Application-Permit Updated Eff 4-20-2023.pdfPOLICY - OPUD Special Events Policy Eff 4-20-2023.pdf


May contain: play area and playground
May contain: grass, plant, lawn, park, outdoors, and tree
May contain: tarmac, asphalt, and concrete