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Conflict of Interest Policy - Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors has adopted has adopted the OPUD Board Policies and Procedures, which states regarding Conflicts of Interest:

"Conflict of Interest


PURPOSE: This policy establishes the rules for disclosure of financial interest and sets forth provisions to avoid conflict of interest.


Statements. Board Members shall file statements of economic interest as required by the Fair Political Practices Commission’s regulation, 2 California Code of Regulations §18730.


State Regulations. The terms of Title 2, California Code of Regulations §18730 and any amendments to it adopted by the Fair Political Practices Commission are hereby incorporated by reference.


Compliance Requirements. Board Members shall comply with all terms and conditions of the conflict of interest code.


Abstaining from Voting. Where a conflict of interest exists, Board Members shall abstain from discussion and voting, and leave the Board Room for any agenda item involving a personal or financial conflict of interest. Unless a conflict of interest exists, Board members should ordinarily not abstain from the Board’s decision-making responsibilities."