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Water Conservation Toolkits - Pickup at 1970 9th Avenue Olivehurst

Olivehurst Public Utility District has teamed up with Yuba Water Agency to offer free water conservation kits to our customers as part of a new water conservation pilot program funded by Yuba Water. The goal of the water conservation kits is to decrease water use and, ideally, your water bills. 

Each kit contains the following items:

·         Chrome shower heads x 2

·         Kitchen aerator

·         Dye tablets x 2

·         Bathroom aerator x 2

·         Spray garden hose nozzle                                     

·         Rain sprinkler gauge


To PICKUP KIT COME TO 1970 9TH AVENUE AT THE OPUD OFFICE or call  530-743-4657.  Learn how to use the items in your kit by watching this video: Saving Water for Those Not-So-Rainy Days

Remember, every drop counts… so let’s work together and save up for those not-so-rainy days!

An infographic explaining the importance of water conservation, highlighting five key reasons.
An infographic with tips on water conservation, including efficient appliances, repairing leaks, and smart watering.
A logo with text "YUBA WATER AGENCY" alongside a blue wave and green leaf design.