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1997 HME Westmark Fire Engine FOR SALE on Ebay

1997 HME-Westmark Fire Engine FOR SALE

Mileage: 124,000

Engine Hours: 7453.1

Year: 1997

Make: HME

Model: SFO (Short Front Overhang) 4-door tilt cab

Pump: Hale – 2 Stage

Capacity: 1500 GPM

Type: QG150-19L

Issues: Engine seized in February 2019.

Comments: Former Type I interface fire engine for Olivehurst Public Utility District Fire Department. Fire engine no longer in service for fire department (22 years old). Drive engine seized in February of 2019. Fire pump and rest of vehicle in good working condition.

Contact Information: Battalion Chief Randy York, (530) 743-7117

Site Inspection Information: 1960 9th Avenue, Olivehurst, CA 95961

Buyer is required to retrieve the vehicle at the District’s facility. Once bidding is complete, the General Manager will review bids received and authorize sale of the item to the highest bidder. Buyers will be allowed to pay by cash or cashier’s check. Buyers will typically be given one week from the date of sale to retrieve the purchased item, unless the General Manager determines that circumstances warrant an extended period.

May contain: transportation, vehicle, truck, and fire truck
May contain: transportation and vehicle
May contain: truck, transportation, vehicle, and fire truck
May contain: transportation and vehicle
May contain: cushion
May contain: vehicle, transportation, truck, and fire truck
May contain: gauge